What makes you angry? – HR Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you angry?: I get angry When someone argues with me without any reason, and when somebody punishes me without my fault. Best answers to the job interview question “WWhat makes you angry?”, tips on how to respond. Use this method when answering the “WWhat makes you angry” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away.

What makes you angry?

Usually, I won’t get angry with anyone because I always try to learn something from my mistakes. But I get angry when someone try to underestimate me without knowing my capabilities and knowledge.

When any opportunity comes and I miss it, it makes me angry.

In professionally, if I don’t give my 100% in any task that delay the work time.

Emotionally when someone is lieing, demotivating & talking nonsense.

I always try to be cool enough during my work hours. I don’t want my emotions control me. So, I feel my anger can be easily controlled in any situation whatever the pressure situation may be. It is very important to have a strong grip on our emotions and feelings. And I believe in it.

Hypocrates, Double standard people and injustice makes me angry.

Anger is human nature. Everyone gets angry. We can’t avoid it.

I get angry those persons are telling Infront of good and inside they have negative thoughts.

Whenever something makes me angry, I take that moment very positively because when we are working in such an organization usually decisions taken in anger are mostly futile. So I think, rather of getting anger and spoiling yourself, one should be silent in during anger at workplace.

Usually, I’ll get very angry when a person is playing a dual role in front and back of us.

Social discrimination in our society makes me angry because my positive thinking doesn’t allow it.

If a person play a double roll. Then I will get angry.

A person who uses my skills and credits himself in front of the boss makes me angry.

A boss who makes me work like a madcap and pays me peanuts makes me angry.

A boss who kicks me out by listening to some crap said by some scoundrel makes me angry.

It makes me angry when some body lie in front of me and saying no I am not lying at all.

Not being able to finish a specific task makes me angry. When I’m fixated on some task, I obsessively try to finish it.

Another thing that makes me angry is being treated with a lack of respect. I believe every employee should be

I do get angry when people speak bad about me in backside. Instead they should be straightforward to me.

I do not get angry on anyone. Because I consider getting angry no one get success in life. So everything has to see before doingmerit and demerit. Thank you

Actually, I don’t get angry easily on anyone.

But, when the opportunity comes to me and If I missed it then I got angry with me.

I don’t have anger issues but I loose my temper when people talk about someone behind their backs

sir, usually I don’t anger anyone but when someone disturbs me during my work than I get angry.

I usually keep my place neat. If somebody collapses it, I’ll get angry. I used to handle my properties very smoothly and if somebody uses hardly, I lose my temper.

I am not angry with anything but sometimes I am getting upset because I am expecting a lot from me

Actually, I don’t get angry easily on anyone.

But, when the opportunity comes to me and I missed that when I got angry with me

Being in the youth category of this country, any political view or political move that is made just to harm the national interests of the country makes me angry. This aggression motivates me to work hard for the development of our country.

Anyone lied me or trying yo demotivatee it makrs me angry.

I believe that there is a right time for everything. So, I always want to get things completed well on time. Whenever someone or me myself fails to do so I get angry.

When someone doesn’t respect the value of time and opportunity. And the most bad thing is irresponsible.

When someone judges you without knowing who you are and what hardship you faced in reaching this position.


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