Give me an example of your creativity: Are you creative? give me an example

Give me an example of your creativity – Are you creative? give me an example. Creativity is nothing but have to done work in a unique way from others.  This is an important question as some employers values creativity at a workplace. This is an important question as some employers values creativity at a workplace. The best answer to the interview questions the Hr asks the applicant, “Give me an Example of Your Creativity” is given here.

Give me an example of your creativity

Creativity is converting hard work into smart work by understanding the very basic cause and effect of an action. Neither doing in a different way nor different thing, it’s just the basic of basic observation which makes everything short and simple.

For example: you can verify it with the invention of earlier times which was present at that time but nobody has observed the so-called inventor has seen it and explained it, so simple.

Creativity means the creation of some new ideas or different from others which reduce our work and make it easier.

In the last sem, I did one project that was based on automation but it didn’t work. So in this sem I did the same project again by using different logic and method and I made it successful. So think this is one of the ex of my creativity.

And another thing I would like to tell you guys that the question is to give an ex of your creativity not give the definition of creativity.

According to me, enhancing our own Idea and doing things in a successful way, despite of asking other’s opinions.

The uniqueness in the work, when compared to others, is creativity in my opinion, creativity is not about doing different things but it is about doing things differently.

For me, creativity is nothing but innovative as we are from technical background.

Example of my creativity is, “In a event organised at the college level we were asked to design a game which had a technical brain to be used, so we brought angry bird concept into working by asking the participants to hit at the targets with different points accounted with a mechanically designed object”

Sir as a fresher I will not get much chance to show my creativity but ya, at the time of ITT training I prepare a presentation on the stock market which was much appreciated by my faculties.

I am interested in jewel making. I have done many silk thread jewels which are unique than done by my friends. Many of them had bought from me. Creativity is just expressing our ideas in a different way.

I think being unique is certainly called creativity.

Creativity is nothing but doing things differently.

Creativity is nothing but have to done work in a unique way from others.

Here Creativity, means to improve the techniques of production in the Organization & also improve the quality here at low cost of production.

To be creative means to implement new ideas for completing the job quickly and efficiently.

According to me, the things which we can remake using different methods come under creativity.

If I talk about my creative work then maybe those are my hand paintings and the best out of waste products Which I used to make in my free time.

I can’t remember any particular example right now but my creativity lies in every work what I do daily. Always try to implement something new that makes hard work into smart work.

Creativity is not about doing different things, it’s all about doing things differently.

Sir, according to me, Creativity is doing things in a different way to make them easier and more efficient. Creativity can be shown in each and every small work we do.

Creativity for me is;

Do things in a new or different way which bring some new findings.


According to me, my creativity is my passion and effort for my work, whatever the work is given to me.

I am also very strict about time.

But most importantly me best creativity is “my poem” writing skill.

I have written so many poem. I have a way to express my feeling, emotions, thoughts and whatever I want to say in the form of words.

So this is my best quality.

To make hard work into smart work is creativity.


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