What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?. Self-Confidence is the trust that an individual has of him talents and qualities whereas overconfidence is the excessive level of confidence. Self-Confidence is positive as it allows the person to grow, by being open to opportunities and challenges. But, overconfidence is negative as it works as a barrier against individual development. Best answers to the job interview question “What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?”, tips on how to respond. Use this method when answering the “What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away.

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

Difference b/w confidence and over confidence

Confidence: says simply, I can do this work.

Overconfidence: only I can do this work.

I can do it, It is a confidence. Confidence can not be fake. Confidence is a strength at a time of interview and any work.

I can only do it, It is a overconfidence. Over confidence can be fake.

Putting my 100% on the interview is my confidence and thinking that I will get selected is my overconfidence.

I can do it is confidence And Only I can do that is over-confidence

Confidence is your next step towards the goal.

Overconfidence is the way to your fall.

If a task is given to you,

If I undertake it without any hesitation then it is confidence.

But if you think that no one can do better then me that is overconfidence.

Sitting Infront of you and telling that I have knowledge is confidence. And telling that I have more knowledge than you is overconfidence.

I’m better is confidence.

I’m better than you is overconfidence.

Confidence is the ladder to achieve success.

Over confidence is the path where you will get no result you will just walk and walk.

Confidence means I Can do that.

Over confidence means Only I Can do that.

Confidence means “yes I have knowledge and skills which will help me to accomplish the task”.

Over Confidence means “I don’t require full knowledge and skills I can complete it by the knowledge and skills I have. “.

Confidence: the word says that the capability to achieve success.

Over confidence: this means that letting yourself think that you can do better than the other.

Confidence: I can and I’ll put my efforts to do that.

Over confidence : only I can do that.

Confidence is the state of mind where one thinks that he can accomplish a task and he actually has the skills and abilities required to do so. Over-confidence is the state of mind where one thinks that he can accomplish a task but he actually does not have skills and abilities to do so.

Confidence means thinking that I can do this work.

Overconfidence means thinking that I am the only one who can do this work.

Confidence is thinking that you are the best while considering others too, while overconfidence is having a mindset no other person in the world is better than you.

Knowing things- preparing for that-executing your thoughts. This is confidence.

Knowing things. direct exection without thinking. This is overconfidence.

For example, if you are given a task.

If you think “I can do the task” that is confidence.

If you think “l can only do the task and no body can do it” that is overconfidence.

Confidence or overconfidence will always depend on once own thinking.

Confidence is the good trait to have where a person is sure about his course of action or activity and it comes from past success and right decisions. Overconfidence is excessive belief in their own abilities ignoring the fact that their decision can be wrong too.

Believe your self, that is confident.

Not believe other that’s is over-confident.

Confidence is based on the facts and figures and overconfidence is based on speculation.

First we analyze that work, then decided we can do that work this is confidence. Without analyzing that work then decide we can do that work is overconfidence.

Confidence means you know what is your weakness and you know that trying and trying, again and again, you can change your weakness in your strength.

Overconfidence means that you are sure that you have no negativities and it”s fact that you will win, no. The matter you are putting your right effort in that direction or not.


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