What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?: My biggest toughest challenge was in my life, that I was not able to speak & talk in front of anyone in english, due to lack of knowledge I did not have confident but I make it as my aim and challenge, result today I have learnt lots of thing and it is going continue. I learn as well that challenge and problem make us to perform stronger. Use below method when answering the “What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

What was the toughest challenge you have ever faced?

The toughest challenge I’ve ever faced is the ongoing challenge of coping with the strong and diverse personalities of family, friends and work colleagues, while encouraging them to be the best they can be, while achieving goals; keeping peace; maintaining a sense of humour and not losing sight of who you are and your dreams and aspirations.

Challenges are always toughest-thing in life to face, I have faced many of them speaking of which Speaking in English in fluent-way was my toughest challenge as my communication-skill was bad earlier but Now I had overcome with this & try to speak in a fluent-way, also to work under pressure situations &Tasks with handling customer-services with best resolutions to give customer-satisfaction Eg: issues which I had faced with my previous organization with computer-issues with resolutions like outlook issues (mail-doesn’t-sync, inbox-full),internet-issues (router-issues), BSOD (blue-Screen-Of-Death), Apart from that Learning new things in Life- with Every possible problem/challenges teaches you as a new chapter & resolving them with true dedication to complete your book of success.

I always turn it into a positive. Normally saying I used to be very afraid of public speaking that by forming the debating society and regularly speaking in front of large groups of people, as well as meeting new people on a regular basis, I was able to overcome this fear and I am now much more confident.

Toughest challenge would be dealing with snitches, and you know snitches get stitches.

Without challenge in life just like nothing to work. You can’t keep thinking. Everyone should face challenge’s you will gain knowledge while you face challenge.


It should be your answer which you can relate your life. The interviewer is not interested what happened with you. He/She just want to check your communication skills in past tense. So be prepare yourself for this question.

My Biggest Challenge was waking up in 1990 in hospital at 30 with no memory of life before waking up in a hospital. Knowing I had brain damage and spinal injuries.

Been told 98% chance of never working again, never holding anything.

Now I’ve been South Pacific Manger for multiple companies, owned my own business. Run an online business and soon public speaking about the motivation to prove nothing is impossible.

Sir, the toughest challenge I have ever faced is giving this answer.

The toughest challenge is working with patience under work pressure.

The toughest time of my life was when I had to leave my home after class 10 for higher study. I was living in a rented room. It was very difficult time for me. I cried daily for a month. Then I realised that crying is never going to help me with this situation, the only thing which can help me is accepting what it is as there was no alternative and focus on Why am I here.

Is when you are let down by others and you have to change your whole life to be able to get back up on your feet for your children’s benefits.

Not getting a job as a single mum it is a challenge for me.

Till now I never faced any toughest challenge because I always manage my things in advance so that I can be in safe side.

Learning new things is always a challenge for me. But with my sincere efforts, hard work I make them look easy and simpler.

When I left my hometown and my parents to go for higher study and stay in hostel manage things my own. Dealing with different kind of people. Manage your food. In the hostel environment, manages studies are the tightest challenge for me in my life.

Seeing the successful people who inspire me is the toughest challenges. It always make me motivate to change myself and hard work to become a successful person like them.

In my words, the toughest challenges is that I never Give up in any situation. Because tough and easy are the mindset of the person.

My previous gave me a responsibility to take care of 50% of my TL’s work. I had to complete my executive work with in time frame and need to continue what additional responsibility I had on that day. At that time I felt its tough to complete Tl’s work as an executive. But I took it as a challenge and completed as per by TL’s requirement. Finally, I promoted as TL.


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