Why have you had so many jobs? – HR Interview Questions Answers

Why have you had so many jobs?. Since the career so far has been worked enabled me to gain various skills to serve you better. Use below method when answering the “Why have you had so many jobs??” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

Why have you had so many jobs?

I want to improve my knowledge as well as skills. I can’t see many jobs its a steps to improve my knowledge.

I don’t see them as many jobs and I see them as many steps that I have climbed up and standing potentially capable in front of you with all those stepping experiences.

Yes, You are right, but in my view, I look at those companies as the pillars and the employees or friends in those companies are my slabs to help me growing like a tower in my professional career

When you walk through a ladder you have to climb one stair and leave the previous one to go through your target just like I have changed so many jobs to achieve my reach at your company.

Sir it I’ll be my second job if you give me an opportunity and hire me for your organization as well as I assure you that I never let you down and I give my 100% to full fill your expectations.

To climb Mount Everest, we should get practised with other Mount, Well I would say all my previous companies given me confident, great knowledge and success!

I had done jobs in different companies cause different companies have different criteria and I learned lots of things from them.

I want to gather skills and knowledge from multi functional organizations.

Yes. I had so many jobs which were very impressed because every place gave me a new task, good work environment. There I learned so many new things and self motivated myself but my only drawback is my family as I am the only male person in my family, I should take care of it too that’s why I am looking for a job which doesn’t involve out of station visits.

I would like to thanks my previous organization. Because I have learned many things from there. But my process to be rem down.

I think if you want to work with the multinational company. You have to be a multitasking man. So I left these jobs to innovate my skills and knowledge and learning yet to achieve a good platform with the vast and energetic organization.

I want to improve my knowledge by working in reputed companies.

If you see I have started my career as Front Office Executive and Now it is Asst Manage HR, Staying in one company your personal growth stop and now new learning you have limited scope to work no new exposed to work.

I had lots of jobs because I had been searching for a better platform to work for my brighter future.

Firstly I am not a person who will keep on hopping from one company to other just for the sake of money. However, money is equally important to survive. I always like to be challenged. In past, I have had an opportunity to work with some of the reputed companies but my expected growth reached a ceiling due to lack of sufficient growth opportunities. But I strongly think now I have anchored my ship at the right harbor considering the career growth prospects coupled with monetary benefits as mentioned in your job profile & on your website.

In my perception circumstances force you to change the job for better career.

In my experience out of 8 years change four companies. That to growth reason and learn new things in new environment and most Important meet a new experienced man.

In my experience out of 10 years change four companies. That to growth reason and learn new things in new environment.

My all past company was excellent to work with, but at the end everyone wants growth in term of work and financial site. But now I am looking for stability and I think this company is suitable for me for all aspect for same.

This is second company for me because change is important for learning more knowledge from other process.

For me these jobs are like different challenges of my career path. Each and every job taught me different lesson and has increased my skills as well as knowledge of working in different work culture, and domain.

Yes I have joined many jobs because that’s how the experience is being counted. Different jobs gives different experience with different work practice and different experienced people with better tact-ticks of work.

It has not a so many jobs its a steps. If you see my CV in my first job I was Data Analyst and then Data Specialist and now I am working as a process associate, so from my point its level which I have achieved.

Because I Want to increase my knowledge as well as develop skills.

I think I have learnt so many things working in different verticals so likewise I gained knowledge in different domains and now my skills and knowledge have been increased so I can take it as positive and not as negative.


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