DCA Top 100 Questions in Hindi 2024, DCA टॉप 100 प्रश्न हिंदी में

DCA Important 100 Questions in Hindi, DCA 100 Questions in Hindi

DCA Top 100 Questions in Hindi, DCA Online Test in Hindi. DCA Online Exam in Hindi, DCA Important 100 questions in Hindi. In order to bridge the Digital Divide, Govt has launched an IT friendly course for the people of India. DCA Course is a basic computer course. DCA is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in both local Hindi language and English.  This Test Covers in Depth Questions of DCA ms word, DCA ms excel, DCA basic computer, DCA computer introduction, Diploma in computer applications (DCA)  for govt schemes etc.. you can excel your skills to enhance your office automation activities. Now take DCA Important 100 Questions in Hindi.

This paper has 100 questions.

Time : 120 Minute

DCA online Mock Test Exam is Very helpful for all students. Now Scroll down below n click on “Start Quiz” or “Start Test” and Test yourself.

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