What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?

What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?. Before approaching the BOSS I will analyze about the drawbacks of the idea, and try to solve those problems related to this idea. Maybe Boss will rethink about the idea, or will take the appropriate precautions about those problems. Use below method when answering the “What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?” question and you’ll blow the hiring manager away…

What would you say to your boss if he is crazy about an idea, but you think it stinks?

In my view, “Boss is always right”. If he takes a decision with his vast experience, then I will support him, but if he asks me about my point-of-view on his decision then I will honestly tell him about my own idea of his decision so that he could take a better decision.

If Boss is open for ideas then I will discuss my points with him so that he can re-think on certain points of his vision. If he is not open to new ideas from subordinates, then I will follow “Boss is always right” rule.

Honesty is the best policy. I shall give the correct advice and leave the decision to him.

As an employ, I will hear his idea and take a deep study and make technical help from my sub-ordinates, better take a case study and if he was wrong with his idea, arrange a meeting with him and explains the practical feasibility and the losses of resources that may occur to the company by the project in the future else go with his key idea.

I will let him know the pros or cons of the particular idea.

I will be honest. At the same time, I will apologize to my boss. But Boss is not bigger than a company. As an employee, I should think about my company benefit first.

Everyone has its own freedom to think and make it in progress as per himself or herself, if some one ask me I would tell him to listen to himself what his heart or his mind says about that because following to himself would lead to the success of his own thinking what it is called as an idea, but I would let him know my thinking also.

Sir, I know that it’s my duty to follow the orders of my boss which are related to my job but it is also my duty to work of the benefits of my company so, first I will listen to his idea and then I would like to present my view in logical point and other issues that are beneficial for the company.

Sir, I know that its my duty to follow the orders of my boss which is related to my job But its also my duty to to work for the benefit of my company. So first I listen to his idea carefully and then I would like to present my view and logical points and other issues that are beneficial for the company.

All employees are hired with the same aim of Company growth and progress so as Managers. And if I feel that idea is not suitable for the situation, I will let him know the gaps in the idea and will share my idea with the positive inputs which can eventually fill the gaps in the idea shared by him and with the mutual understanding the final idea will be created by both of us.

First I will did research about that idea and after that if I still feel that this is not best way then I will make my boss aware about its positive and negative impacts. As he/she is my boss and more experienced than me she/he will understand these things and if I don’t feel after research that its bad then I will discuss with him/her about my views.

I am sure she/he would have also thought about it and have solutions for it and if he/she didn’t have thought about it we will find solutions for it.

I would listen carefully to his idea and make him feel respected in the way I will present my own idea then allow him to make the final decision as my boss then carry on with the implementation.

I always have a logical and analytical discussion with my boss. I would definitely put my concerns about the idea in front of him. If we can together work around the concerns then that’s best. This has till now always worked positively for me.

Sir, this is an excellent idea, but some ideas which you have given before are really excellent. Sir we have to discuss which idea will be better for our company.

Thanks Sir,

I will give priority to my boss’s opinion first, but I always have to think about the company’s development and avoiding risk. In this regard, if I found boss is going completely against the company’s interest, then I would try my best to demonstrate by views, logical points and other issues which is beneficial to the company.

Everyone puts lot of hard effort to make any plan, however you know your boss is crazy, go to him applauding him and try to learn his idea why he wants that if you like all good but after listening to jim you can put your point. That would help you by two ways boss will understand one thing for sure that you are interested in whatever the plan is and second because of first he would value your plan or words and can be easily convinced.

Firstly, I would make the analysis on comparison between my points and boss’s points, will collect all the data using which I can convince him, then will set up a one on one meeting for the discussion and will put forward the data in a way that he do not get hurt. And as we all would be working for betterment of organization, so if he feels that his idea is best one to implement than would follow that and would try to give my best on it.


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